Wings of the Empire

Poets, gendarmes, Grand Dukes and Revolutionaries: Russia at the Break of Epochs in a historical drama with Milos Ninkovich



History, drama, military, detective

Kinopoisk rating



Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov


Igor Kopylov

Director of Photography

Garik Zhamgaryan


Igor Kopylov, Vladimir Izmailov, Victoria Alexandrova, Evgenia Kondratieva


Milos Bikovic, Ksenia Lukyanchikova, Grigory Nekrasov, Alexander Bukharov, Alexander Lykov, Daniel Kokin, Yuri Kolokolnikov, Vyacheslav Chepurchenko, Mikhail Eliseev, Ekaterina Proskurina

The action covers the period from 1913 to 1921, reflecting the dramatic events of Russian history that swept through the destinies of people and the country like a hurricane, leaving behind ruins of the past for some, and the foundation for a new life for others.

December 1913. The cadet of the Nikolaev Cavalry School, Dyakonov, challenges his classmate Sergei Kirsanov-Dvinsky to a duel. The duel ends in tragedy – Deakonov dies. Dvinsky is appointed instead of the deceased to the guard at the solemn concert of the orchestra of Russian folk instruments under the direction of Vasily Andreev, where Emperor Nicholas II himself is to arrive. Andreev draws attention to the young worker Matvey Osipov, who is a master of the instrument. Osipov gets into the orchestra, but it turns out that his goals are completely different – he is in an organization of social revolutionaries preparing an attempt on the emperor. In a pastry shop, Matvey meets Sofia Becker and falls in love with her. The girl dreams of becoming a great poet. Sofia’s father Ivan Karlovich begs one of the regular customers for an invitation for his daughter to Andreev’s concert…

July 1914. The Russian Empire is on the eve of a great war with Germany and Austria-Hungary. All cadets of the Nikolaev school are hastily promoted to officers. However, the assistant inspector of the Ilyin class, knowing that Sergei is directly related to the death of Dyakonov, is in no hurry to enroll him in the regiment. Knowing Dvinsky’s character, Ilyin advises him to «heal his conscience» by serving in the Caucasus. Dvinsky invites Sophia to dinner at his home with the intention of introducing her to her parents and announcing to them that he intends to get married. However, Sergei’s mother is categorically against such an alliance. Dvinsky offers Sofia to go with him to the Caucasus, but the offended girl refuses. Matvey’s sister commits suicide. Osipov is on the trail of the criminal.

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