Leningrad 46

1946. Post-war Leningrad.



Crime Drama

Kinopoisk rating



Inessa Iurchenko, Sergei Shcheglov


Igor Kopylov

Director of Photography

Dmitry Plyusnin

The author of the script

Andrey Tumarkin, Elena Strogaleva, Igor Kopylov, Vladimir Izmailov


Sergey Garmash, Evgeny Miller, Anna Tabanina, Alexey Gorbunov, Alexander Lykov, Andrey Merzlikin, Daniil Strakhov, Dmitry Ulyanov, Elena Koreneva, Alexandra Bogdanova, Eduard Fleerov, Peter Zaichenko, Roman Kurtsyn, Kirill Polukhin, Evgeny Leonov-Gladyshev

A city that has just survived the blockade and has not yet recovered from hunger, destruction, and death. And here the Leningrad militia is waging its unequal war against the crime that covered Leningrad after the war. In this struggle, the head of the department for combating banditry, the legendary Major Kuzmin, dies. His employees face a difficult task – to catch the elusive band of Vitya the Musician – a cruel, sophisticated killer and bandit. Here begins the confrontation of an undercover agent Rebrov, who infiltrates the gang to catch Vitya, a musician and literature teacher Danilov, by the will of fate, after an unfair sentence, who found himself on the other side of the law and lost everything: his job, wife, daughter. Trying to achieve justice, to take revenge on those who distorted his life, the literature teacher is increasingly immersed in the criminal world of post-war Leningrad, gradually turning into one of the most intelligent and dangerous criminals. He is opposed by Rebrov, the head of the department for combating banditry. Once accidentally bumping them into a train car, life will bring them together more than once or twice: one woman for two, one love, one city. The story of human courage, the drama of human destinies, for the first time opens many pages of the post–war history of Leningrad – harsh and cruel.

Number of episodes: 32

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