Soap opera



Crime Drama

Kinopoisk rating



Inessa Iurchenko, Sergei Shcheglov


Andrey Korshunov

Director of Photography

Yuri Litvinov

The author of the script



Anton Vasiliev, Sergey Koshonin, Natalia Dvoretskaya, Andrey Gulnev, Maria Kapustinskaya, Dmitry Palamarchuk, Alexander Kudrenko

Pavel Semenov is a very ordinary opera man: a strong, confident guy.   And he needs to be confident and strong, because he serves in one of the most “difficult” districts of St. Petersburg. Pasha is no stranger to breaking up drunken brawls, going out on a “household”, entering drug addicts’ dens alone. The service in this area, as they say, has left its imprint on the Pasha. If you think and reason, they’ll just kill you. One day Pasha helps out the daughter of a city administration official who is in trouble. And in order to thank Pavel, he arranges his transfer to the central administration, to the very center of the city, to Nevsky Prospekt. This is a completely different area – advertising lights, expensive cars, cool clubs and no less cool girls. And, of course, tough bandits…. And here in this cool area, on Nevsky, Pasha gets to serve. Colleagues are trying to explain to Semenov that life in this area is different, and crime here also lives by its own rules. And it is necessary to fight with him not in the way Pasha is used to… But it is difficult for Semenov to rebuild on new rails. Pashin’s methods are not understood by colleagues and management. But at the same time, colleagues and management cannot but admit that Pasha’s methods are very effective.

By order of the NTV TV company. Number of episodes: 30

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