TV series



Crime Drama

Kinopoisk rating



Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov


Anatoly Artamonov, Oleg Larin

Director of Photography

Vladimir Brylyakov


Andrey Tumarkin


Andrey Chubchenko, Jan Tsapnik, Tatyana Cherkasova, Kirill Polukhin, Tatyana Kolganova, Alexey Fokin

Viktor Rastorguev, a police colonel, moves to St. Petersburg with his whole family. In Moscow, he got into an unpleasant situation and was forced to leave. He would not have been allowed to serve quietly in Moscow.
In St. Petersburg, Rastorguev became the head of the police department in one of the districts of the city. Together with Rastorguev, his family moved in – his wife Lena and 16-year-old son Pavel. They are trying to settle into a new place, but everything in their lives is not going the way they would like.

Rastorguev has a lot of problems in the service. Unfortunately, his predecessor let many processes take their course, so Rastorguev has to personally clean up his divisions.
Property redistribution begins in the city: Maxim Tikhomirov, a gangster authority, is released from prison. He wants to regain what once belonged to him, but completely passed into the hands of his former partners when he was imprisoned.

Rastorguev is putting things in order in his units. He is a tough and determined man. Returning Tikhomirov to prison is a matter of principle for him.

By order of the NTV television company. Number of episodes: 32

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